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Stock Gaylard Timber Yard and Black Dog Mobile Sawmilling

At Stock Gaylard we have a small up and coming timber yard.  Supplying mainly home grown timbers off the estate and other locally sourced timbers. 

We value our timber and understand the importance of trying to develop a sustainable timber industry within the UK and on the estate.  We also understand the importance of cutting the timber the right way for the purpose it is intended for. You maybe forgiven in thinking that timber is cut into boards and that's it.  Variables such as the species of tree, size of log, grain pattern and the final use, are all contributing factors in deciding how the timber should be best cut.  Being a small and independent milling yard we can take the time to assess the best way to utilize the wood. This results in maximizing the potential of your timber.

We also have a timber kiln for finishing off the drying process.  There is no better way to season timber than air drying, but in the winter months when the atmospheric moisture is high there may be reason to reduce the moisture content by a few extra % within the timber.  This would be important for cabinet makers and any items where the shrinkage of the timber is going to affect the end result.  The kiln is available for private hire, subject to availability.

Along side the timber yard we have a fully equipped wood workshop where all products can be finished to a high spec.  From detailed bevelling on beams to moulded cladding and planned boards to help you deal with them at home.

The estate woodlands are predominately Oak (Quercus robur) and Ash (Fraxinus Excelsior) and therefore these species are most commonly supplied.  We also stock a range of softwood timbers.  Most of these have been cut to 6m lengths, for those people who require something a little longer than the industry standard of 4.8m.

We offer a full range of products from furniture grade quarter sawn boards to magnificent figuring to vibrant red sequoia shingles.  Please see our full list of products and services.

We hope that you will use the products and services and help support and enhance the declining timber industry we have today.

Stock may vary according to availability.  Also some stock is cut to order so please allow time when planning your projects. 

Please ring Jamie Ross on 07970 124527 or 01963 23511 or e-mail to discuss your requirements.

                                                LIST OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

Products                                                                                             Services

Furniture Timber                                                                                 Woodmizer (mobile or yard based)

Building Timber                                                                                   Kiln (£70 per week)

Framing Timber ( can be supplied graded)                                           Cutting to order ( your spec. for renovations

Oak Beams (sawn or finished)                                                             or new build projects)

Floor Boards (range of quality and finishes)                                          Re-Saw (old or seasoned timbers)

Cladding (various types and sizes)                                                       Planned timber - 2 sides

Shingles                                                                                              Planned timber - 4 sides (your spec.)

                                                                                                          Tree felling and clearance

Please contact the estate office for more information about timber sales.

Tree felling at the Oak Fair Timber being prepared A cut from some timber Sawn timber
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