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Yurt Camping Holidays

Brickles Wood Yurts for glamping holidays in Dorset

On a yurt holiday you get the best of camping without the discomfort, hence why they're known as glamping holidays! Our yurts sleep a maximum of five people and are stylishly furnished. Inside you will find stylish and high quality fittings and furniture with all the cooking facilities you will need. You sleep in a full size bed, looking up at the stars and wake in the morning to a lovely blue sky. Many guests have celebrated their birthdays, anniversaries, engagements and other life events whilst staying in our luxury yurts which you can also rent in groups for larger parties.

Yurts have been home to the people of Central Asia for thousands of years. Classically a yurt is a portable wood lattice-framed structure, with thicker walls than that of a tent traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia.

Yurt comes from a Turkic word meaning the imprint left in the ground by a moved yurt. In modern Turkish the word "yurt" is a synonym for homeland. In Tajik the structure is actually called "yurta" and that's how the word came into English.

Traditional yurts have a circular wooden frame and a felt cover made from the wool of the nomads' sheep and sometimes canvas too and is designed to be dismantled and carried on camels or yaks to be rebuilt elsewhere.

Inside a yurt

The timber frame to make the external structure is obtained by trade as there are few trees on the steppes.The frame has one or more lattice wall-sections, a door-frame, roof poles and a crown and some have columns to support the crown and it's held together with ropes. The weight of the covers and a weight hung from the center of the roof creates compression to make the structure strong.

The wooden crown is emblematic in many Central Asian cultures. In old Kazakh it was passed from father to son upon the father's death. A family's length of heritage could be measured by the accumulation of stains from decades of smoke passing over it. A stylized crown is in the coat of arms of Kazakhstan and on the flag of Kyrgyzstan.

Our yurts have been copied to from the originals found in Central Asia but have some features to adapt them to our wetter climate with steeper roof profiles and use local hardwood. They are warm, spacious and light and the sides roll up for a cooling breeze on hot days, but on cooler nights there is plenty of room for friends to gather around a warm stove making them perfect for family camping and as holiday accommodation. We also manufacture the yurts and you can buy them from us.

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